Glamour Press

Our mission:- To provide the highest quality of press on nails and nourishing oils in order to keep our customers nails as healthy and safe as possible.

- To introduce a simpler and faster alternative way to apply the press ons at home instead of wasting money and time at the nail salon and getting the same results
You can use the nails up to 6 times if using nail glue and up to 30 times if using nail tabs.

Our vision: To provide to all our customers the latest trends and timeless designs in order to give the ultimate satisfaction to our customers.

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High quality beauty

We are TOP 1 press on nails shop in Lebanon. We are passionate about all kinds of products, but mostly about our nails. We started our business 3 years ago, and during this time we’ve noticed that our customers are really satisfied with the quality of our products. We do not just have customers: we have family!

We design and manufacture the new generation of nail care and self care products for you to try and feel real pleasure when applying them. We wish to guarantee you that all of our products are reaching the highest standards. This is why we do not just sell products: we are using them everyday and this is the reason why you will receive quality products which will improve your life.

100% experts

We LOVE press on nails!

The idea behind We Love Press-On Nails is to encourage our customers to invest in their appearance while also encouraging them to take control over what they can do now. We believe every woman should have healthy, beautiful and strong hands, so investing in press on nails is a great asset to help foster this idea. Without a strong hand, there can be no firm grip or vice versa.



We are exclusive distributors for ALL press on nails you see! We work with passion to bring you the BEST products, guaranteeing the BEST quality. Why give your clients less, when you can give them more?