When I was a teen (Lynn), I always loved to have long nails. I remember painting them with the brightest colors and adding the craziest designs, which caught lots of attention. I would receive many compliments on how crazy and funky my nails were. But there was always this issue: a broken nail. Instead of cutting them all I’d replace the broken nail with an artificial one and make it look identical to the rest.

During Covid-19 I spent most of my days painting my natural nails until I was introduced to press on nails. And this was when the idea came to our mind!

Why not open a small business and provide a fast alternative to our customers where we can drag in our imagination. Glamour Press started from a tiny piece of broken nail and became an online business with 3000+ orders because of you <3

Our mission:

- To provide the highest quality of press on nails and nourishing oils in order to keep our customers nails as healthy and safe as possible.

- To introduce a simpler and faster alternative way to apply the press ons at home instead of wasting money and time at the nail salon and getting the same results
You can use the nails up to 6 times if using nail glue and up to 30 times if using nail tabs.

Our vision:

To provide to all our customers the latest trends and timeless designs in order to give the ultimate satisfaction to our customers.