Nail Sizing Chart

How to Measure?

Step 1: place transparent tape over your nail
Step 2: press down on the sides to crease
Step 3: use a pen to mark the left side
Step 4: then mark the right side
Step 5: carefully remove the tape from nail
Step 6: place tape on flat surface and measure in millimeters or centimeters. Use the sizing chart above to determine your size.

Repeat for each nail alternatively.

  • Nail Sizes (thumb to pinky):
XS (3-6-5-7-9)
S (2-5-4-6-9)
M (1-5-4-6-9)
L (0-4-3-5-7)

22 Nails (All sizes)

Instead of measuring your nails you can go with our sets of 22 nails that contain all the sizes. Keep in mind that the price will double.