Are your natural nails short, damaged or in-grown and in urgent need of help?

Do you feel, look, or want to look better in your daily life? Do you desire to be more like a celebrity? With all the media attention that fake nails get lately, it's easy to see why so many people are interested. The idea of getting beautiful nails that are naturally pretty, strong and longer is very attractive and enticing. In the majority of the cases, your natural nails will not have the length or strength you would like to achieve. Or maybe you've tried nail extensions, only to wind up with costly botched results that left your natural nails a mess? Having damaged nails with terribly in-grown cuticles also leaves you looking ungroomed and untidy. These are some of the common problems that shapely beautiful and stronger fake nails can help solve.

Press-On Nails are the new way for doing nail art at home. Created by a professional manicurist to bring you salon quality nail art without the salon. They're easy to use, last 3+ weeks and include their own glue. Allowing you to achieve professional results at home. Each set comes with its own applicator, allowing you to achieve flawless designs without the trip to the salon.

which allows them to be removed and reapplied. Available in 30+ colors and different designs!

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